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What about a man kissing another man’s severed head?

John Davidson blogs about poll results for What They Play (a site for parents raising children who game). The question: As a parent, which would you find most offensive in a videogame?

Results –
A man and a woman having sex: 37%
Two men kissing: 27%
A graphically severed human head: 26%
Multiple use of the F-word: 10%

Setting aside the fact that any one of these would get a game an “M” (not for kids) rating, how fucked up is it that acts of ‘love’ (and I say this optimistically) are soooo much more offensive than acts of violence?

Parents in America need a pretty serious head-check if they honestly think that a man and a woman doin’ it is way worse than gory violence, and that two men kissing is about the same as (a little worse than) gory violence. Also, I’m surprised that 1 in 10 parents think that swearing is worse than bloody decapitation. :shrug: