This is why TV Tropes calls it “Sonic Syndrome”.

Mighty readers, I don’t make it a secret that I used to be a Sonic fanboy in my youth and thought that the series was better than anything Nintendo could throw at them, because the Blue Blur would prevail.

Of course, after the Dreamcast, we got stuck with titles that should have been violently ripped from the Sonic Team studios and cleansed in the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor, except that they weren’t even able to gift you invisibility or trap you in greedy paranoia. The only title worth keeping an eye out for would be Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood, and that’s because Bioware is handling the story. You can’t go wrong with Bioware for good writing.

What I am about to reveal is worse than the upcoming Sonic Unleashed, not only because it’s so bloody ridiculous, but because it also rips off the Playstation 3’s hotly expected title, White Knight Chronicles. For shame, Sega.