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I’m feeling torn.

It does look like we’ve weathered the worst of the troll onslaught… which is nice.

I had hoped to pick up Baroque last week… but, I’m well… broke. (groan)

And I feel like a bad blogger lately because I’m not offering up a lot of original content. It’s not just a lack of money — it’s also the lack of time that comes with moving. Obviously, I appreciate everyone’s patience.

We’re looking to put together an order this week. Okami is coming out for the Wii. It’s getting really high ratings, but it’s not a “new” game. Baroque, on the other hand, got a 3 out of 10 rating from Nintendo Power (Baroque for the PS2 got a 78%). Next week is MarioKart for the Wii which is a no-brainer.

So the conundrum is: Do I buy Baroque in the hopes that Nintendo Power is staffed by a bunch of anti-bishie platforming purists, or at least play it long enough to write what I hope is a humorous take-down of a horrible game, or do I buy Okami which will soothe the cold sweats and stabbing stomach pains that have come from going too long without playing a Zelda title?