Batten down the hatches

To my regulars, I apologize. I’ll be sure to keep the worst of the comments locked up in moderation. They have the rest of the internet, they can’t have this blog.

What I find interesting, is that N4G’s comment policy is very clear:

The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more friendly and civilized discussion. This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone. Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone.

Yet here are some selections of what is considered “civilized”:

..although, anyone with a brain like the writer of this piece-of-crap article, would probably benefit from a few smacks to the head. Maybe wake up some dead braincells that way.

When called on his offensive and stupid comment about how I “bring PS3 fanboys and XBox Fanboys together,” a poster replies “Sorry, didn’t realize that I was in the presence of a woman…I thought I told you to wash my dishes!”

Yeah, sexism isn’t a problem at all. Way to go, NG4… misrepresent the purpose of my post: which is that videogames will be an attractive scapegoat to AVOID talking about sexism and misogyny and instead make it sound like I was trying to say that Videogames are Part! Of! The! Problem!