I’m feeling torn.

It does look like we’ve weathered the worst of the troll onslaught… which is nice. […]

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Fat Princess

A new game about to be released for the PSN called Fat Princess is a […]

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Sony loses a doozy of a killer ap exclusive

A lot of goodies have been coming out of E3–including another 360 price drop. But […]

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Braid – (spoiler) ending discussion thread

So, what do you think of the ending? Is the game “feminist?” How much agency […]

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Women in Gaming Industry, Pro Female Gamers, Popular Games

Women in the Gaming Culture and Industry

In the past, the perception was that female gamers didn’t really exist, and all pro players were tech savvy men. However, this perception changed as the women are taking a significant role in the gaming industry – both as a part of its development, and as consumers. There are many women-run developing companies, female gamer teams of pros, organizations, and it seems that women have become an active part of the video game industry in general.

Of course, the fact that women are present in the world of gaming doesn’t necessarily mean they are welcome in it – in many occasions, women face hostility, negative stereotypes and demeaning remarks, which is why there are many organization and movements that empower women to seek professional career in the industry, trying to create a female-friendly environment in it.

The gaming industry is not a small one, in fact, is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has evolved a lot in the past few years. Approximately, it has reached about $43.3 billion in 2018 and surpassing the box office in entertainment revenue.

The first game to ever have a great audience base in a gender-neutral game was the Sims, and as such, it showed that both women and men might be interested in the same games. This is exactly the game that allowed the female gamers to actually take part in further games, empowering the top developers to target women as an audience for their games. This is why, current statistics say that as of 2017, about 23% of video game pros identify as female gamers. This is a significant increase from the 10% which existed through 2005–2010.

Famous Female Pro Players

It is obvious that women like games, and this is why there have been female gamers for quite some time, although they didn’t expose themselves. Nowadays, women are really present in the gaming industry, which is why there are many pro female players winning at different games. Here, we have listed the names of the best pro female gamers that totally deserve our recognition in the world of pro gaming:

1. PMS Missy – Jamie Pereyda – Quake III

2. Eloise– Tang Haiyun – World of Warcraft & Hearthstone

3. Vilga – Ksenia Klyuenkova – CS:GO

4. Vii – Vanessa Arteaga – Dead or Alive 4

5. Missharvey –Stephanie Harvey – CS:GO

6. Juliano – Julia Kiran – CS:GO & Dota 2

7. Potter – Christine Chi – Counter-Strike 1.6 & CS:GO

8. ZAAz – Zainab Turkie – CS:GO

9. Kasumi Chan – Marjorie Bartell – Dead or Alive 4

10. Ricki Ortiz – Street Fighter III

Female Esports Teams

Pro female gamers have taken the world in a whim, and as such, they’ve created whole teams of female gamers. There are many female gamers in numerous esports, but here, we have a list of the most famous ones, with the best female gamers consisting them. Here are the teams you should recognize if you want to know more about female gamers industry.

    1. Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers – PMS Clan
    2. Team Secret
    3. Ubinited
    4. Counter Logic Gaming Red
    5. MeetYourMakers
    6. Les Seules
    7. Pink Zinc
    9. Bad Monkey Gaming
  1. Eclypsia

12 Popular Games that Girls Love to Play

If you like being amongst the famous female gamers, you don’t necessarily need to play the pro games we mentioned before, there are other really cool games that might interest you. Here, we have a list of the 12 best games that you should consider playing as a lady:


This 2009 game was groundbreaking at that point, and it surely is a great game that women enjoy playing.

Mirror’s Edge

This action-packed game features some of the most amazing gameplay features, and yet, it is great for both women and men alike.

Immortal Romance Slot Game

Slots games are incredibly famous amongst all gamers, because of the very fact that they allow the players to win real money prizes while playing nice, well-developed slots games. If you want to try this game, you can do so without downloading it, at most of the popular legal online casinos. Online casinos also feature a lot of casino bonuses that you can use for playing the game. For instance, you can use the no deposit online casino bonus which allows you to play it for free, all while having a chance to win real money. Besides the no deposit, you can also take advantage of the welcome bonus of online casinos, as it increases the first deposit you make while playing there.

Final Fantasy X

This game is absolutely amazing because it has action, and it is really adventurous.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberator

Who said Assassin’s Creed is a male game? The Liberator version is amazing for women.

Beyond Good & Evil

An amazing female-friendly game!

Tomb Raider

All versions of the Tomb Raider are great, and you get to play with a super-strong and smart character!


You get to choose between characters and many adventures!

Sims V

Build your character and live an amazing life!


You can play it like a pro and stream it – becoming famous!

Ori and the Blind Forest

The game features gorgeous creature designs and environments.


If you like retro games – this is the best one for you!