TV can be awesome too

So I have intimated in previous posts that I’m a huge fan of American Gladiators. I love it on feminist principles (the women have always been able to compete as well as the men, even though it’s segregated, it’s a lot more than you see in most televized sporting events), and I love it on pure campy “I’m going to get drunk and cheer and laugh my ass off” principles. And I love Hellga and Crush. And it turns out Wolf used to be a Rodeo Clown. Which is awesome!

So normally I wouldn’t watch a show like Celebrity Family Feud if I could help it, but since the Gladiators would be taking on the cast of the The Office I managed to catch it on Bless her heart, Venom isn’t that bright. But that’s ok, because on the question “Name something you blow up,” Jet freely admitted she used to blow up mailboxes, and after Kevin suggested “balls, like beach balls,” Al Roker had to turn to the big board and shout “SHOW ME BALLS!”

If I had been drunk in the evening instead of working and streaming, I would have pissed myself laughing.

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