Friday Open Thread: Non-traditionally socially awkward moments

We all know what it’s like to be having a pleasant conversation with someone, getting on with them fine, and then bronk they say something unironically offensive, usually about immigrants, or minorities, or promiscuous or strident women. And then you think, ohhhh–kay…. and look for ways to extricate yourself from their company, and never talk to that person again.

But let’s talk about non-traditionally socially awkward moments–like finding out the person realllly like Terry Goodkind, or thought I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was a laugh riot, or they’ve never made a meal out of fresh ingredients.

Have you ever had someone tell you some that made your whole brain screech to a halt and think “wait, they just said what?”

Note: anyone who says “finding out someone likes American Gladiators” will be immediately banned ;)

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